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Parking Permit

Parking is a Privilege
The student understands that driving to school and parking on the Ferris High School campus is a privilege and not a right. The student will drive safely and responsibly and will not violate any school rules concerning vehicle parking or operation of a vehicle on campus. The student further understands that school officials have the right to suspend or revoke the driving and/or parking privilege to, from and on campus for violation of registration, driving, or parking infractions set forth by the State of Texas, City of Ferris, Ferris ISD, and/or Ferris High School.

Allowable Parking Areas
Students may park in the student parking lot only. The student parking lot is located directly behind Ferris High School. Students should not park in the front visitor parking area, in the staff lot on the west side of the building, in the fire lane or off the pavement, or any other zone on campus.

Insurance Requirements
In order to park on campus, students must provide a copy of their insurance policy (with the student's name on the policy) at the time they purchase their parking permit. Students without insurance are not permitted to park on school property.

Search and Seizure
Permission to park on the Ferris HS campus is granted subject to all rules and regulations of the school. By entering the parking lot, the person driving any vehicle is giving consent to a complete search of the vehicle by the school officials or police in it is deemed necessary for campus safety and security. If any person in the car other than the driver is the current custodian of the vehicle, consent to search is deemed given by the custodian also. The area of search will include, but is not limited to, the entire driver and passenger compartments, trunk, undercarriage, and all containers therein, locked or unlocked.