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Texas Success Initiative TSI

Mastering the Gateway to College Credit:

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) is more than just a measure of academic readiness — it's a foundational key to accessing advanced dual credit courses. Many colleges mandate a passing TSIA score to ensure students are fully prepared to tackle the rigors of certain dual credit subjects. By achieving this benchmark, students signal not only their proficiency but also their readiness to excel in collegiate-level coursework while still in high school. Equip yourself with the knowledge, ace the TSIA, and unlock a world of advanced academic opportunities.


TSI Exemptions


5 years from the date of testing

  • English Exemption
    • English 2 EOC score of 4000+
  • Math Exemption
    • Algebra I EOC score of 4000+
    • AND C or higher in Algebra II


  • 480+ Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW)
  • 530+ Mathematics


  • Combined score of 40+ English and Reading
  • Score of 22+ Mathematics


Preparation & Intervention

Optimize your TSIA2 test prep with our resources:

Ferris ISD is committed to ensuring every student is equipped for success on the TSIA2, a pivotal benchmark for college readiness. Dive into our specially curated TSIA2 preparation tools, each designed based on proven research and real-world results. From our MasteryPrep Readiness Snap and Class Intervention packages to intensive Boot Camps, we've witnessed transformative results. After one of our Boot Camp sessions, every participant hit their targeted benchmarks, underscoring the efficacy of our resources. With these tools, students not only grasp classroom standards as they appear on the TSIA2 but also gain a competitive edge, enhancing their chances for academic success.

Let's set the stage for your triumph on test day!


TSI Resources

First page of the PDF file: tsia2-student-informational-brochure_1

Student Brochure


Interpreting your scores


 Test SpecificationsELAR Specifications

Math Specifications


College Courses Requiring TSI

Core courses