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Courses Offered

Unlock Advanced Learning with Dual Credit

Ferris ISD proudly offers core curriculum courses in Math, Science, History, and English as part of our dual credit program. These courses provide students the unique opportunity to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously, paving the way for academic acceleration. Dive into rigorous coursework, challenge your intellectual boundaries, and get a head start on your collegiate journey, all while still in high school. 


ENGL1301 Composition I

ENGL1302 Composition II

ENGL2327 American Literature I

ENGL2328 American Literature II


ECON2301 Principals of Macroeconomics

HIST1301 United States History I

HIST1302 United States History II

GOVT2305 Federal Government (Federal Const & Topics)

GOVT2306 Texas Government (Texas Const & Topics)


MATH1314 College Algebra

MATH1342 Elementary Statistical Methods

MATH1316 Plane Trigonometry


CHEM1311 General Chemistry I (Lecture)

CHEM1111 General Chemistry I (Lab)

PHYS1301 College Physics I (Lecture)

PHSY1101 College Physics I (Lab)

BIOL1406 Biology for Science Major I (Lecture + Lab)

BIOL1407 Biology for Science Major II (Lecture + Lab)


BIOL2301 Anatomy & Physiology I (Lecture)

BIOL2302 Anatomy & Physiology II (Lecture)


EDUC1301 Introduction to the Teaching Profession

EDUC2301 Introduction to Special Populations


ARTC1302 Digital Imaging I

ARTC1305 Basic Graphic Design

ARTC1313 Computer Production Art I

ARTC2317 Typographic Design


WLDG1423 Welding, Safety, Tools, and Equipment

WLDG1428 Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding

WLDG1417 Intro to Layout & Fabrication

WLDG1430 Intro to Gas Metal Arc Welding

CNBT1316 Construction Technology I

CNBT1300 Residential & Light Comm Blueprint Reading

TSC1325 Personal Computer Hardware

ITNW1325 Fundamentals of Networking Technologies

ITSY1374 Secure Linux Administration

ITNW1354 Implementing and Supporting Servers

ITNW2321 Networking with TCP/IP


SPCH1311 Introduction to Speech Communitcation


MUSI1306 Music Appreciation

Advanced Placement Courses

AP Human Geography

AP Environmental Systems

AP Studio Art