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Advanced Academics

Benefits of Advanced Academics

  • Gain first-hand experience with college-level work while attending high school
  • Transition more smoothly between high school and college
  • Transfer credits earned in high school to Texas public colleges and universities
  • Complete a postsecondary degree faster
  • Save money on college tuition


Advanced Academic Course Types:

Dual Credit

Allows an eligible high school student to enroll in a college course that is paired to a high school course required for graduation, so that upon successful completion the student receives credit for the course on both the college and the high school transcripts.

Dual Enrollment

Allows high school students to take a high school course and a college course of a similar subject to earn both high school credit and college credit for the course. High school credit is awarded for the successful completeion of the high school portion, demonstrating mastery of the TEKS. 

College credit is awared if student passes the college portion of the course.

Advanced Placement

Allows high school students to participate in an AP course and earn college credit with successful performance on the course AP exam. Postsecondary institutions accept AP exam scores as college credit if the student meets the exam score requirements established by the institution. 

At a Texas public college or university, an AP exam score of 3 will be awared credit. The amount of credit and the course for which credit is awarded is determined by the college or university and can be found on their websites.

Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions:

Stay informed and empowered with TEA's updated Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Created with students, parents, teachers, and administrators in mind, this comprehensive resource addresses your most pressing queries about dual credit opportunities. Notably, the document now includes vital updates, reflecting the new rules and regulations introduced in the latest legislative session. Dive in and make the most of the dual credit journey with clarity and confidence, thanks to Ferris ISD's commitment to staying abreast of the latest educational advancements. 

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